Past Faculty-Student Grant Recipients

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Fall 2017

1. David R. Burns: Associations between C-reactive protein, diet, lifestyle and depression (Faculty advisor: Terry Bergen, Psychology)

2. Alden Woodard: Investigating causes of passive margin landscape disequilibrium in the Poultney River watershed (Faculty advisor: Michelle Fame, Natural Sciences)

3. Trevor Hanna, Jobin Messinger, Hannah Rose, Riley Chicoine, Bronwen Hopwood, Connor Kukla, Corbin Loomis, Nate Lumsden: Abundance and egg guarding patterns of red-backed salamanders (Plethodon cinereus) (Faculty advisor: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

4. Alix Hurley, Alex Keeley, Christopher Merrill, Oliver Rodgers: The landscape of Civil War commemoration in Vermont (Faculty advisors: Andre Fleche and Scott Roper, History/Geography/Economics/Political Science)

5. Vivian Madelaine Kopischke: Expressionism in German cinema: The horror of reality (Faculty advisor: Sanjukta Ghosh, Communications)

6. Kelsey Butler: Testing knockdown of the neuropeptide NpLp3 in Drosophilia (Faculty advisor: Christine Palmer, Natural Sciences)

7. Martin VanBuren III: Transactions and translations of world cinema: Videographic approaches – Class conveyance: The bike in world cinema (Faculty advisor: Michael Talbott)

8.Eric Thomas: A study on the relationship between caffeine and provoking physiological responses to stress (Faculty advisors: Terry Bergen and Shannon Newell, Psychology)

Fall 2016

1. Ashley Smith: Geologic Evolution of the Shelving Rock Quadrangle, Eastern Adirondack Mountains, NY (Faculty advisor: Tim Grover, Natural Sciences).

2. Justin Whitney: Effects of Anti-inebriation Drugs on the Activity of Alcohol Dehydrogenase (Faculty advisor: Livia Vastag, Natural Sciences).

3. Dalton-Jesse Cummins, Peter Michelsen: Almost Too Dark (Faculty advisor: Harry McEnerny, Theater).

4. Nicole Wershoven: Diet specialization & detoxification in Neotropical forest katydids (Faculty advisor: Christine Palmer, Natural Sciences).

5. Amber Elizabeth Miller Clark: Characterization of the stress-induced gene At4g33666 (Faculty advisor: Christine Palmer, Natural Sciences).

6. Emily Giddings: Shade Avoidance Syndrome in the Model Organism Arabidopsis thaliana (Faculty advisor: Christine Palmer, Natural Sciences).

7. Aislinn Gilmour, Kaitlin Wells, Molly Perkins & Robert Bacon: Using Touchscreen Technology to Assess Early Grammar Knowledge (Faculty advisors: Megan Blossom, Psychology & Scott Hanselman, Business).

8. Eric Korzun: Gamification and Motivation (Faculty advisor Christopher Boettcher, English).

9. David Carlino, Caitlin McCluskey, Audrey Phillip & Nicholas White: Factors Impacting Ethanol Sedation Tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster (Faculty advisor Greg Engel, Psychology).

10. Patrick Cote-Abel: The New American Gods: Superheroes in the Age of Global Terrorism (Faculty advisor: Sanjukta Ghosh, Communication).

11. Ashley Nelson: Breaking Boundaries While Reinforcing the Status Quo: A Reappraisal of Modern Family (Faculty advisor: Sanjukta Ghosh, Communication).

12. Casandra Fyles, Christopher Shattuck & Iyanna Williams: Assessing the effectiveness of Twitter and Instagram for creation of an online academic community: Improving communications in the School of Business at Castleton University (Faculty advisors: Bill Godair & Ed Dansereau, Business).

Spring 2016

1. Rebecca Allen & Roseanna Kirk: South Champlain Historical Ecology Project (Faculty Advisors: Paul Derby & Matt Moriarity, Anthropology)

2. Dustin Lewis & Joshua Lake: The Factors that Make a Candidate Electable to the American Presidency (Faculty Advisor: Rich Clark, Political Science)

3. Rachael Brazil & Hannah Rose: Analyzing the Nutrient Production of Teosinte and Modern Maize Through the Use of Fluorescent Biosensors (Faculty Advisor: Preston Garcia, Biology)

4. Taylor Smith: The Antimicrobial and Anti-quorum Sensing Properties of Inonotus obliquus (Faculty Advisor: Preston Garcia, Biology)

5. Karsen Woods: Media Images of Sexual Identity (Faculty Advisor: Sanjukta Ghosh, Communication)

6. Catherine Wielgasz: The Contribution of Nitrate in Agricultural Runoff to the Sensitized Photochemical Degradation of Atrazine (Faculty Advisor: Andrew Vermilyea, Chemistry)

Fall 2015

1. Alexander Adams & Joshua Lake. Clearing the Smoke Screen: an exploration of factors driving support and opposition to legalization of recreational marijuana in Vermont (Faculty Advisor: Rich Clark, Political Science)

2. Vanessa Robertson. Where is everyone: The relationship between voter turnout and competitiveness of an election (Faculty Advisor: Rich Clark, Political Science)

3. Montana Lofthouse. Photochemical Transformation of Dissolved Organic Matter from Different Land Use Tributaries of Lake Champlain (Faculty Advisor: Andrew Vermilyea, Natural Sciences)

4. Rachel Horn & Molly Perkins. Assessment of toddlers¹ comprehension of third person singular­s using a manual search task (Faculty Advisor: Megan Blossom, Psychology)

5. Matthieu Fortier. Gamification and Game-based Learning (Faculty Advisor: Chris Boettcher, English)

6. Jessica Ralston. Social interactions and call timing in neotropical forest katydids (Faculty Advisor: Christine Palmer, Natural Sciences)

7. Josselyn Swett. The Psychology of a Mad House:  Exploring the works of Shirley Jackson (Faculty Advisor: Tersh Palmer, English)

8. Tyler Strong. Criticism of Medical Treatment Within The Yellow Wallpaper (Faculty Advisor: Tersh Palmer, English)

9. Martin Vanburen & Marco Lam. Working-Class Conveyance: The Bicycle in Global Cinema (Faculty Advisor: Michael Talbott, Communication)

10. Janelle Cahee, Tanner Darwell, & Christopher Shattuck. Assessing the importance of social media and social networks to rural college students seeking employment (Faculty Advisors: Bill Godair, Edward Dansereau, Michael Deyoe, Business)

11. Tucker, Stone. Evaluation of St. Johns Southeastern Coral Reefs (Faculty Advisors: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

12. Mikayla Shaw, Brandi Gontang, Kaitlyn Skalla. The Effect of Growth Mindset on Self-esteem and Its Impact on Sexual Responsibility in Teens (Faculty Advisor: Terry Bergen, Psychology)

Spring 2015

1. Jack DelPriore & Matthieu Fortier: Gamification and Game-Based Learning in the Literature Classroom (Faculty advisor: Chris Boettcher, English)

2. Amanda Chambers: Knowing is half the battle: Expert testimony about Rape Myth Acceptance reduces victim blame and increases credibility in a simulated rape case (Faculty advisor: Kathryn Sperry, Psychology).

3. Jennifer Morelli & Thomas Stockwell: Elucidation of shade avoidance genes in Arabidopsis (Faculty advisor: Christine Palmer, Biology).

4. Kimberlee French & Tim Marshall: Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Adirondack Mountains (Faculty advisor: Tim Grover, Geology).

5. William (Billy) Visokay: Vermont Technology Job Trends: 2014 & Beyond (Faculty advisor: Scott Hanselman, Computer Information Systems).

6. Ashley Breen: Nutrient dynamics and photochemical transformation in tributaries of Lake Champlain, Vermont (Faculty advisor: Andy Vermilyea, Chemistry).

7. Chloe Jennings: Healthy Lifestyle as a College Student (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education).

8. Julia McIntyre: Parents’ perceptions on the effects of hippotherpay (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education).

9. BriAnna Narodowy: Examining the psychological factors that go into forming a successful relationship between student athletes and their coaches at the collegiate level. (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education).

10. Joe DeSantis & Meghan O’Sullivan: Student athlete transition out of sport (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education).

11. Chris Villa, Kelsey McKay, & Katelynn Leavey: Medicago Infection and Nodulation Effectiveness Based Upon Competition Between Two component Signal Transduction Mutants of Sinorhizobium meliloti.” (Faculty advisor: Preston Garcia, Biology).

12. Nicholas Rosso: Mate attraction by female sidewinder rattlesnakes: an individual-based spatially-explicit computer simulation (Faculty advisor: Brad Coupe, Biology). 

Fall 2014

1. Ryan Stanek: Children’s Games of the Grant Household- 1850-1880 (Faculty advisors: Lisa Pleban-Physical Education and Andre Fleche-History).

2. Winter Maxwell Thayer & Lucas McGovern: The Videogame Classroom (Faculty advisor: Terry Bergen-Psychology).

3. John Snee, Bryce Kaler, Mikaela Delia & Emily Tabor: Social Media Employee Recruiting in a Rural Community (Faculty advisors: Bill W. Godair & Ed Dansereau-Business).

4. Molly Ramsden: Give Me Some Sugar: The Effects of Glucose on the Acceptability of Utilitarian Outcomes in the Footbridge Scenario (Faculty advisor: Terry Bergen-Psychology).

5. Hillary Hogle, Amanda Chambers, Cassie Pinaire, & Molly Ramsden: Knowing is half the battle: Expert testimony about Rape Myth Acceptance reduces victim blame and increases credibility in a simulated rape case (Faculty advisor: Kathryn Sperry-Psychology).

6. Caleb Watkins & Rachel Orr: A Study of the Presence of GMO Corn in Organic Fields in VT (Faculty advisor: Livia Vastag-Chemistry).

7. Stephanie Sylvester: Motivational factors and exercise beliefs among college freshman: A look into educational factors associated with healthy lifestyle choices (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray-Physical Education).

8. Lauren Tulikangas: The Relationship between Body Image and Exercise Habits among Female College Students (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray-Physical Education).

9. Colleen Jenkins: Examining the Perception of Relationships between Student-Athletes and Athletic Trainers at Castleton (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray- Physical Education).

10. Joshua Budzinski: The Relationship between Level of Knowledge and Level Acceptance of Complementary and Alternative Medical Practices (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray- Physical Education).

11. Sarah Bergstrom: Is it worth it? Examining the role of mobile health technology in exercise motivation and health behaviors (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray- Physical Education).

12. Emily Raber: Examining the role personalities, athletic identity and anxiety play in the use of superstitious rituals among Division III student-athletes. (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray- Physical Education).

Summer 2014

Castleton students from several different programs received funds from national, regional, state or private sources to support collaborative research projects with faculty, many of which were underway or initiated this summer.

1. Preston Garcia, Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Christopher Villa: American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate
Research Fellowship (URF) Program Award. $5000

Kelsey McKay: Assessment of S. meliloti competitive infection & nodulation of Medicago, Vermont Genetics Network Undergraduate Research Support. $5000

Katelynn Leavey: Quantitative evaluation of S. meliloti nodulation during competition, Vermont Genetics Network Undergraduate Research Support. $5000

2. Andrew Vermilyea, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Breen, Ashley: Continuous Water Quality Monitoring using In Situ Optical Sensors and Comparison of Land Use in Vermont, Summer Research Internship EPSCoR NEWRnet. $4,500

3. Tim Grover, Professor of Geology
Hilary Gray: Geology of the southern half of the Silver Bay quadrangle, eastern Adirondack Mountains, NY. Summer Research Grant $2793.60

4. Kathryn Sperry, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Hillary Hogle: Can legal safeguards reduce jurors’ tendencies to blame victims of rape? Testing the utility of jury instructions and expert testimony. Summer Research Grant $2,134.50

Spring 2014

1. Kaler, Bryce, Darwell, Tanner, Snee, John, & Delia, Mikaela: Student Assessment of Social Media as an Instructional Strategy (Faculty advisors: Bill Godair & Ed Dansereau, Business Administration)

2. Pepin, Carly, Marshall, Tim, & French, Kim: Geologic Evolution of the Shelving Rock Quadrangle, Eastern Adirondacks, NY (Faculty advisor: Tim Grover, Natural Sciences)

3. Fletcher, Dillon: Vermont Technology Job Trends: 2014 & Beyond (Faculty advisor: Scott Hanselman, Business Administration)

4. Orr, Rachel: Growth Rate Trends in Holstein Dairy Calves Aging 0-8 Weeks Fed a Free Choice Diet (Faculty advisor: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

5. Weisenburger, Jennifer: Plethodontid Salamander Population Assessments at Four Stream Sites in Rutland County, Vermont (Faculty advisor: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

6. Curtis, Ethan: The Influence of a Community Exercise Program on Physical Activity (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education)

7. Monell, Nicholas: Does Academic and Athletic Motivation Vary Among Division III Athletes? (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education)

8. Burns, Shannon: The Role of Personality Profiles of Collegiate Athletes in Determining the Likelihood of Reporting and Treating Athletic Injuries (Faculty advisor: Kristin Murray, Physical Education)

9. Cameron, Jess & Ripley, Katherine: Castleton’s Community Adult Physical Activity Program-A Closer Look at Effectiveness (Faculty advisor: Gail Regan, Physical Education)

10. Noonan, Alex & Derksen, Victoria: Exploring the Relationships between Risk Behavior and Demographic Factors among Vermont Youth and Castleton Students (Faculty advisor: Rich Clark, History, Geography, Economics & Political Science)

11. Breen, Ashley: Characterization of dissolved inorganic nutrients and organic matter in the Castleton River (Faculty advisor: Andrew Vermilyea, Natural Sciences)

Fall 2013

1. Jennifer Weisenburger: Validating Methods for Plethodontid Salamander Population Assessments (Faculty advisor: Cynthia Moulton, Natural Sciences)

2. George Grant: Molecular Cloning of the Clostridium acetobutylicum NAD+ dependent glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (Faculty advisor: Livia Vastag, Natural Sciences)

3. Jennifer Smela: Construction of rape in media (Faculty advisor: Sanjukta Ghosh, Communications)

4. Stephany Churchill & Cody Sorrentino: The Effects of Civic Engagement (Faculty advisor: Terry Bergen, Psychology)

5. Chelsea Sheehan, McKynze Works, Cassie Pinaire, & Molly Ramsden: A double-edged sword: Examining the effect of negative acknowledgment and self-blame on perceptions of a blamed rape victim (Faculty advisor: Kathryn Sperry, Psychology)

6. McKynze Works, Cassie Pinaire, & Molly Ramsden: Predicting which jurors will blame the victim in a Sexual Assault Case: Going beyond gender and Rape Myth Acceptance (Faculty advisor: Kathryn Sperry, Psychology)

7. Mitchell Francis: Illustration of the digital book Ooh, Philosophy!: An on-line, open-source, highly-interactive introductory philosophy text" (Faculty advisor: Brendan Lalor, Philosophy)