2015 Castleton Scholarship Celebration

In spring 2015 there were thirty-two presentations at the Castleton Scholars Celebration. The abstracts of the presentations can be downloaded below.

The Beaver Project by Jessica Baker

Examining the Role of Mobile Health Technology in Exercise Motivation and Health Habits in a Rural Vermont Community by Sarah Bergstrom

Nutrient Dynamics and Photochemical Transformation in Tributaries of Lake Champlain Vermont by Ashley Breen

Examining the Level of Knowledge and Level of Acceptance of Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) Practices Among College-Age Students by Joshua Budzinski

Characterization of the Stress-induced Gene At4g33666 in Arabidopsis by Amber Clark

Tobacco-free Castleton Exploration by Alex Denny and Nick Neugebauer

Castleton River Discharge by Matt Donlon

Gamification and Game-Based Learning in the Literature Classroom by Matthieu Fortier and Jack DelPriore

Linking In-situ Monazite Geochronology, Metamorphism, and Deformation of Migmatitic Paragneiss, Eastern Adirondack Mountains, NY by Kimberlee French

Relationship between College Students’ Sleep Patterns and Their Health-Related Behaviors by Brian Greene and Thomas Shelley

Knowing is Half the Battle: Examining the Impact of Expert Testimony about Rape Myth Acceptance in Restoring a Blamed Victim’s Credibility in Court by Hillary Hogle, Amanda Chambers, Cassie Pinaire and Molly Ramsden

Examining Perceptions of Relationships between Student Athletes and Athletic Trainers at a Small Division III College by Colleen Jenkins

Perception of Social Media in the Recruitment Process by Bryce Kaler, John Snee, Sarah McLaughlin and Mikaela Delia

Investigating Direct Succinate Sensing and Transport in vivo through the Utilization of a Whole-­‐cell dctA::gfp Biosensor in the Bacteria, Sinorhizobium meliloti by Molly S. Leach

Stage Makeup: The Expression of Acting by Taylor LeFevre

Tectonic Implications of Deformed Metagabbroic to Gabbroic Anorthosites, Shelving Rock Quadrangle, Eastern Adirondack Mountains, NY by Tim Marshall

Parents’ Perceptions on the Effectiveness of Their Child’s Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program by Julia McIntyre

Assessment of Sinorhizobium Meliloti Competitive Infection of Medicago Sativa by Kelsey McKay and Katelynn Leavey

The Vermont Technology Job Trends Project: 2014 & Beyond by Sarah McLaughlin, Paolo Loli, and Rebecca Roe

From Clay to Plaster by Allie Minor

Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms in Vermont Corn Fields by Rachel Orr and Caleb Watkins

Examining the Role Personalities, Athletic Identity And Anxiety Play In The Use Of Superstitious Rituals Among Division III Student-Athletes by Emily Raber

Pulling the Switch: Using Moral Dilemmas as a Prospective Analogy to PTSD by Molly Ramsden

Mate Attraction by Female Sidewinder Rattlesnakes: An Individual-based Spatially-explicit Computer Simulation by Nicholas Rosso

The Grant Children in Sports and Activities from 1850-1880 by Ryan Stanek

Elucidation of Shade Avoidance Genes in Arabidopsis by Thomas Stockwell and Jennifer Morelli

Campus Energy Consumption by Kenneth Stone

Species Diversity between a Mature Northern Hardwood Forest and one that is in Succession by Jacob Swane

Motivational Factors and Exercise Beliefs among College Freshman: A Look into Educational Factors Associated with Healthy Lifestyle Choices by Stephanie Sylvester

Medicago Infection and Nodulation Effectiveness Based Upon Competition Between Two-component Signal Transduction Mutants of Sinorhizobium meliloti by Chris Villa

The Right Kind of Woman’: Women, Gender and Surveillance in the British Concentration Camps of the South African War by Stephen Vitale

Distribution of Carbon Isotopes (δ13C) in the Pacific Ocean During the Past 23,000 years by Catherine Wielgasz