Castleton Faculty Led Courses

Choral Music of the Americas, Bahamas - Fall 2016

Through participation in the America-Cantat 8 Festival students will be immersed in a wealth of Latin American and North American choral music. Each student will participate in a 5-day workshop focusing on the music from one country, three half-day ‘atliers’ focusing on music of the Bahamas, Spirituals, and Latin American Choral/Orchestra music, and attend nightly concerts given by premier choral ensembles from each country. Students will prepare and present a presentation on their experience following the festival. Trip August 19 - 30, 2016 and three wrap-up classes for presentations in September. Open to all students, faculty, and staff at Castleton who are interested in singing and choral music.

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Semester in the American Southwest - Fall 2016 

Castleton’s Semester in the American Southwest provides a hands-on, multicultural experience in a unique and fascinating region of the United States. Few places within the U.S. borders offer such a rich opportunity for the study of ancient and contemporary Native American cultures, the arts, anthropology, and the natural environment.

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Iceland - May 2016

  • Meet twice a week in Spring 2016 semester
  • Travel to Iceland in May 2016
  • Fulfills 2 credits Science/Math and 2 credits World Views for General Education
  • Writing intensive
  • Visit volcanoes and glaciers
  • Read Viking sagas and visit where the action takes place!
  • See a geothermal power plant and bask in a geothermal pool
  • Observe puffins and seals (they are really very cute)
  • Learn about modern life in Iceland – the music, the food, the people, the economy
  • Financial aid can be used to cover travel costs

Cuba - Last Offered May 2015

Two course options:

  • Both courses culminate in an 8-day immersion in Havana, Cuba
  • In Cuba, all participants will:
    • Visit cultural sites
    • Participate in dance and drumming lessons
    • Attend evening performances of Cuban music
    • Stay at the beautiful Havana Libre hotel in downtown Havana
    • Explore the countryside outside Havana
  • INT 1710 C01 “Cuba Immersion: Culture, History, Music” (3 credits) Explore Cuba’s rich history and culture including music, drumming, dancing, cooking, language, and more! World Views or Aesthetics course!
  • INT 1710 C02 "Cuba Performance" (1 credit) Singers will prepare a concert of North American Music and selected Cuban works. Once in Havana they will perform on their own and combine with Cuban Choral ensemble Coro Vocal Leo to rehearse and perform! Aesthetics frame credit.

Belize - Last Offered Spring 2013

The Collapse of a Civilization: The Environment, History & Science of the Maya

  • Understand what led to the rise and decline of the Maya, and what we can learn from this ancient civilization.
  • Hike and canoe in the rainforest
  • Climb to the top of Maya ruins
  • Enjoy the tropical plants, birds and sunshine
  • Earn four credits in the World Views Frame of Reference