Costs of Study Abroad

It is important to understand the comprehensive costs involved with studying abroad. Beyond the "advertised" program price, there are miscellaneous fees and costs for which you should be prepared.

Your study abroad coordinator will help you find a program that is both an academic and economic fit. With a little hard work, the Study Abroad Office is confident that you will be able to find scholarships that will help lighten the load!

This sample study abroad budget worksheet can help you explore some of the costs relevant to a study abroad program. Once you have identified specific program(s) and the costs associated with each, make an appointment with Financial Aid and bring this worksheet with you.

Our Advice

The cost of each program can vary greatly and different programs include different amenities. For example, some programs include excursions, cell phones, or subway/bus passes. Cost can be a major concern for students, however it should not be your only deciding factor. Choose a program because it is the overall best package for you, not exclusively on the price.

Financial Aid

If you currently utilize federal financial aid (Pell Grant, Student Loans, etc.) to pay for your enrollment at Castleton, you can typically use that aid to pay for your study abroad program. You are required to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor at Castleton to calculate your eligibility for aid that can be used for your study abroad experience. Steps To Receiving Financial Aid:

  • Make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to calculate your eligibility for Financial Aid.
  • When meeting with your Financial Aid Advisor, bring a copy of the program costs for the specific program you have chosen.

Scholarships and Grants