Learn a Foreign Language

The Castleton Modern Foreign Languages Department offers courses in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. Courses are offered in both the fall and spring. Castleton offers Bachelor of Art degrees in Spanish Language & Literature as well as Spanish for Business. Minors are offered in Spanish Studies and, by contract, in French. More information can be found in the academic catalog

Students who choose to major in either the Spanish Language & Literature or Spanish for Business programs are required to take at least nine credits abroad. Students may fulfill this requirement in any Spanish speaking country. 

Castleton also offers self-guided language study through our Rosetta Stone program. Available languages include, Arabic, French, Italian, German, and Mandarin. If you wish to use Rosetta Stone, please contact Professor Delma Wood

Global Studies Program

The highlight of the Global Studies major is the requirement to study, work, intern, or volunteer abroad for 15 weeks in an approved Cultural Immersion Experience. Not mere tourism, this requires students to make genuine efforts to engage with the society and culture of their host country. Students work closely with a Cultural Immersion Mentor to plan, carry out, and reflect on their activities abroad.

Becoming immersed in a culture different from one’s own, together with language study and the required Global Studies coursework, encourages students to gain meaningful insights that allow them to act knowledgeably and effectively as participants in that country—and in other countries, as opportunities and careers emerge.

For more information, visit the Global Studies Program page, or contact Program Coordinator Adam Chill.