Education Abroad Organizations and University Partners

Education Abroad Organizations

We recommend that most students arrange their study abroad experience through one of the education abroad organizations we work with.  These agencies will arrange the details of your trip, including housing, course registration, insurance, excursions, etc. They also have representatives in the host country to help you with any questions or problems that may arise during your stay.

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Partner Institutions

In addition to using an education abroad organization, another option for study abroad is to enroll at one of Castleton University’s partner institutions for either one term or an academic year. Castleton cooperates with a number of universities around the world to promote the international exchange of students between our schools.

Below is a list of Castleton’s partner institutions. We suggest that you spend some time exploring their websites and, if you need further information or have any questions, please contact Dean Peter Kimmel.

Augsburg University
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Since 1979, Augsburg University’s Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) has welcomed students from more than 300 colleges and universities to its summer and semester study abroad programs in Central America, Mexico, and Southern Africa. Augsburg CGEE programs focus on community-based, critical, experiential, feminist, indigenous, and postcolonial pedagogies that foment transformation.

Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts 
Kyoto, Japan

Founded in 1876 by Joseph Hardy Neesima, who studied in the U.S. and stressed the importance of an international education, his wife Yae Neesima, and an American missionary. Today the college is a leading institution in women’s higher education in Japan. This liberal arts college of 6,500 students has eleven academic departments, complemented by a rich offering of extra-curricular activities. Castleton University hosts several students from Doshisha Women’s College each year.

"The International Studies Program at Doshisha Women’s College is a great way to learn about Japanese culture and history. The classes are taught by faculty who are native English speakers but also speak Japanese. The teachers are very helpful and the class size is small — even smaller than at Castleton — with 10-12 in one class. The relationship among the students in this program is very strong. Older students help the younger ones all the time." – Rio Shimuzu, '17

Note: For female students only.

L’Institut National Universitaire Jean Francois Champollion
Albi, Occitaine Province, France

The University Champollion is a public French university, with one of its campuses nestled in the heart of the medieval French city of Albi. The school hosts just under 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students, pursuing degrees in Arts, Letters, & Languages; Law, Economics, & Management; the Science and Technology of Physical Activities & Sports, Humanities & Social Sciences; and Science, Technology, & Health. A popular destination for young people in the Midi-Pyrénées region, Albi is an architecturally and historically significant city, home to the 13th Century Gothic Sainte-Cécile Cathedral and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, dedicated to the artistic works of this Albi native. This is a one-to-one exchange program, so each year the number of l’INU Champollion students at Castleton is determined by the number of Castleton students who study there.

“Students take many more courses each semester at l’INU Champollion than at Castleton. However, all of them are really interesting and it does not mean that you'll have more work to do than at Castleton. A lot of events are organized there. For instance, we have big music festivals in the spring. Also, the campus is located in the city center, which is pretty nice given that Albi is a really beautiful city.” — Emilie Courrieu, '17.

John Cabot University
Rome, Italy

JCU combines the best qualities of an American liberal arts college with the history and cultural heritage of the Eternal City. With its world-class faculty and students hailing from over 70 countries, JCU offers thirteen degree programs as well as study abroad opportunities within the context of an international environment. Since its founding, JCU’s welcoming community has been fostering intellectual agility, tolerance, and cultural sensitivity, while providing students with one of the most transformative experiences of their lives.

Sant'Anna Institute
Sorrento, Italy

Sant’Anna strives to provide students from across the world a unique, hands-on learning experience where they can cultivate real world skills and knowledge. Because the school is located in Sorrento, one of the most harmonious cities in southern Italy, students are truly able to gain a global awareness and appreciate diversity while studying abroad. Sant’Anna Institute is located overlooking the Marina Grande of Sorrento, perched on the cliffside, with stunning views from the sea-facing windows and only a short walk to the harbor. Possible courses of study include business, humanities, archeology, volcanology, and marine biology. Apart from Italian language and literature courses, each course is taught in English. All courses are offered through Jacksonville University (Florida).

Universidad Nebrija
Madrid, Spain

Nebrija University receives students from all over the world who come to spend a period of their academic training in Spain. The university has two campuses: one in the central university area of Madrid and another in a natural park on the outskirts of the city. Nebrija is a small university (about 5000 students) and is noted for giving students individual attention. Every effort is made to integrate international students into daily university life. In the majority of programs, they attend classes side-by-side with Spanish students. Students can take courses in their area of specialization, design their own curriculum (taking courses of their choice), or take only courses in Spanish language and culture to enhance their level of Spanish. International students are students in their own right at Nebrija. They have access to all activities and general services (libraries, computer labs, sports facilities, etc.) and all extra-curricular activities.

Special Interest Programs

School for Field Studies (SFS)

SFS creates transformative study abroad experiences through field-based learning and research. Our team of experienced research scientists will push you to get creative as you work to understand the critical environmental issues of our time.  Get ready for muddy boots, cold showers, and dirt under your fingernails because you will be out there doing science, not just talking about it in the classroom.

Beyond Sports

Beyond Sports provides study abroad experiences for all students, with specific support for the student athlete, or the athletically-minded student population. Students can directly enroll in semester, summer, inter-term, and internship programs, while also having the opportunity to participate in service learning programs, customized faculty-led programs, team trips, and individual student tours.

Study Abroad Courses

Jim and Shelley Hagan, part-time professors at Castleton University, have led short-term study abroad programs for 17 years through their own company, Wisdom Study Abroad. Students from Castleton University and from other institutions can receive academic credit for these highly-acclaimed 18-day intensive international programs.