Emily McColl

Art, '17

Art major Emily McColl spent the fall semester of 2015 at Florence University of the Arts through the ASA program. Taking international marketing and working with a fashion company based in Florence, she helped to create marketing strategies for the business. Art classes included fashion photography, street photography, and a Florence sketchbook.

“Studying abroad had always been a dream of mine and I knew that I wanted it to become a reality. Being able to live in another city and experience a different culture while getting an education is an opportunity be taken advantage of,” explained McColl.

“Being completely emerged into another can be unsettling because there are so many cultural differences. But learning the differences between Italy and America is also a really rewarding and important experience. Being in Italy allows me to explore all the other countries in Europe that I’ve wanted to visit. It’s almost impossible for the experience not to change your worldview, and as a result I’ve already grown so much as an artist and a person.”