3 + 2 BS in Kinesiology & Master of Athletic Training- Course Sequence

Program Summary:

  • This 3+2 program allows students to complete a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology / Pre-Athletic Training combined with a Master of Athletic Training (MAT) degree in five years.

  • Students must complete all Kinesiology/Pre-AT courses & general education courses within the first three years. The fourth and fifth years will be dedicated to the MAT didactic and clinical courses.

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology/Pre-AT will be granted after successful completion of the first four years of study.

  • A Master of Athletic Training degree will be granted after successful completion of the full five years of study.

  • Students will be eligible to take the Board of Certification Examination (BOC) upon program completion.

Kinesiology/Pre-Athletic Training Program Course Sequence

All general education courses must be complete by the end of the third year. Include the following courses as part of the general education requirement:

MAT 2021 Statistics I (3 credits)
PSY 1012 Intro to Psychological Science (3 credits)
SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology (3 credits) OR SOC 1030 Social Problems (3 credits)


BIO 2011 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 credits
  FYS Course 3 credits
  English Composition 3 credits
  Effective Speaking 3 credits
  Aesthetic Understanding Course 3 credits
  Soundings I 1 credit
Total   17 credits


BIO 2012 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4 credits
AHS 1310 Foundations of Athletic Training 3 credits
  Aesthetic Understanding Course 3 credits
  Computer*** 3 credits
  World Views Course 3 credits
  Soundings II 0.5 credits
Total   16.5 credits


CHE 1041 General Chemistry I 4 credits
BIO 1121 Biology 4 credits
AHS 1010 Health Issues 3 credits
AHS 2160 Anatomical Aspects of Sports Medicine 3 credits
  Touchstones 3 credits
Total   17 credits


AHS 2420 Foundations of Orthopedic Assessment 3 credits
PED 2160 Emergency Care and Personal Safety 3 credits
AHS 3120 Kinesiology 3 credits
MAT 2021 Statistics 3 credits
PSY 1012 Intro to Psychology 3 credits
Total   15 credits


PHY 2110 Physics I 4 credits
AHS 3210 Foundations of Therapeutic Intervention 3 credits
AHS 2170 Strength Training Principles 2 credits
AHS 2161 Intro to Myofascial Release 3 credits
SOC 1010 OR SOC 1030 Intro to Sociology OR Social Problems 3 credits
  Junior Soundings 0.5 credits
Total   15.5 credits


Students will apply to the program through this centralized application service.


AHS 3150 WI: Physiology of Exercise 4 credits
PED 4020 Applied Nutrition and Weight Control 3 credits
PED 2370 Community Health 3 credits
  World Views Course 3 credits
  (WI/SI Completion) 3 credits
Total   16 credits

NOTE: Students who do not enter the M.S.A.T program after the three-year mark will have the option to complete the fourth-year alternate plan for the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree.

Master of Science in Athletic Training Program Course Sequence


AHS 5011 Emergency Care in Athletic Training I 3 credits
AHS 5030 Orthopedic Taping, Wrapping & Bracing 2 credits
AHS 5040 EBP in Athletic Healthcare 1 credit
Total   6 credits


AHS 5012 Sports Emergency Care II 2 credits
AHS 5021 Musculoskeletal Assessment And Diagnosis I 3 credits
AHS 5031 Therapeutic Interventions I 3 credits
AHS 4220 Scientific Foundations Of Strength And Conditioning 3 credits
AHS 5025 Athletic Training Clinical I 4 credits
Total   15 credits


AHS 5022 Musculoskeletal Assessment And Diagnosis II 3 credits
AHS 5032 Therapeutic Interventions II 3 credits
AHS 4221 Scientific Foundations of Strength And Conditioning II 3 credits
AHS 5050 Orthopedic Technology 3 credit
AHS 5035 Athletic Training Clinical II 4 credits
Total   16 credits


AHS 6010 Administration in Athletic Training 3 credits
AHS 6020 Health Evaluation and Intervention 2 credits
Total   5 credits


AHS 6045 Clinical III 9 credits
AHS 6030 Behavioral Health Strategies for Athletic Trainers 1 credits
AHS 6040 Clinical Pathology and Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers 3 credits
Total   13 credits


AHS 6050 Professional Standards in Athletic Training 3 credits
AHS 6055 Clinical IV 4 credits
NUR 6065 Healthcare Informatics Informatics 3 credits
AHS 6060 Exercise Prescription for Special Populations 2 credits
Total   13 credits

Credit breakdown for the two degrees:

Credits in three yr. Kinesiology/Pre-AT major = 65 credits
Remaining general education credits = + 29 credits
Total credits in three yr. Kinesiology/Pre-AT = 94 credits
Credits in two yr. M.S.A.T. = 67 credits
Total credits in the 3+2 Pre-AT/M.S.A.T. degrees = 161 credits

*After the B.S. in Kinesiology/Pre-AT degree is awarded in the fourth year, only 30 credits remain in the fifth year for the MAT degree.