Admission Selection Criteria

The selection process for the Athletic Training Program will occur each spring following an application deadline of the Friday before Spring Recess. The selection process is competitive and based on academic performance, clinical observation and individual personal and professional qualities. Students are expected to apply to the program during the spring semester of their freshman year.

Acceptance into the Athletic Training Program will be based on the following criteria:

 ** Several criteria for selection have been given a point value to establish an objective means to evaluate your application. The point value is indicated in bold. The remaining criteria are considered minimum criteria.

1. Grade Point Average

The student must meet the minimum criteria of a 2.5 cumulative GPA. The GPA cum score will be calculated using the formula below. The GPA after spring grades are posted will be used. The maximum point value for GPA is 100 points(4.0 GPA) and the minimum is 1 point(2.5 GPA).

          GPA – 2.49 X 66.66 = POINT VALUE

          (Example: 3.2 GPA – 2.49 X 66.66 = 47 points)

          Cumulative GPA Score: _____ / 100 POINTS

2. The student must complete the following courses with an average GPA of 2.5 or better. In addition, those courses marked with an asterisks (*) must be completed with a B- or better letter grade.





3. The student should accumulate clinical observation hours under the direct supervision of a Castleton University Certified Athletic Trainer. Quality hours include a variety of activities such as the observation of athletic training room activities, working on the Introduction to Athletic Training Competency Check Sheet, and the practice of skills learned in class. In order to meet the minimum criteria, the student must observe at least 30 hours in the CU Athletic Training Room.

35-39 HOURS=        5 POINTS

40-49 HOURS=        10 POINTS

50-59 HOURS=        15 POINTS

60 HOURS and above= 20 POINTS 

Observation Hours Score: _____ / 20 POINTS

4. The student will have a personal interview with the Castleton University Certified Athletic Training staff and select upper classmen in the AT Program. The candidate will be assessed for the following personal qualities considered necessary to excel in the profession of athletic training. Interview committee members will base the candidate’s score on how he/she performed on the interview, as well as any previous professional interactions they have had with the candidate (classroom, clinical observation hours, etc):

     Verbal Communication Skills   

     Non-Verbal Communication Skills





     Problem Solving Ability       

     Overall Interview             

     Potential as an ATS                              

Interview / Personal Qualities Score: _____ / 60 POINTS

5. Provide two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty, coaches, athletic trainer’s etc. to support your candidacy into the Athletic Training Program.

** Letters must be from persons other than Athletic Trainers employed by Castleton University.

Letters of Recommendation Score: _____ / 10 POINTS

6. The student will provide a Personal Essay (500-words or less) stating interest in becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer.

Personal Essay Score: _____ / 10 POINTS

 7. The student will successfully complete the Introduction to Athletic Training Competency Check Sheet. This check sheet can be completed with a member of the athletic training staff and/or any student currently enrolled in the Athletic Training Program.

 8. The student must sign and submit the Medical Release Form, which will allow the program director to verify that the following documents are completed and filed at the wellness center for the student: medical history, immunization review, physical examination by a MD, DO, NP, or PA.

 9. The student will submit the Technical Standards Certification Statement. The purpose of this form to inform the student of the technical standards required to complete the program, and to determine whether the applicant can meet these technical standards with or without accommodations. The form must be signed by both the student and a healthcare provider (physician, PA or nurse practitioner).

 10. The student must complete the blood borne pathogen in-service training by the time of application. The training will be offered in the Introduction to Athletic Training course. Each student will sign a record indicating completion of this training. The completed form will be kept on file in the office of the Director of Athletic Training.

 11. Prior to final admissions to the Athletic Training Program, all students must successfully complete PED-2160, “Emergency Care and Personal Safety”, and become a certified Emergency Medical Responder as well as a provider of CPR at the Professional Rescuer level.

 12. The application for admission into the program should be turned in to the Director of Athletic Training Education by the Friday before Spring Recess. The entire application should not be turned in until it is complete.

13. The Director of Athletic Training Education will write an evaluation letter on academic progress to be placed in his/her personal/adviser folder. This letter will be completed after reception of the student’s spring semester final grades.


 _______1. Completion of the Student Application Form.

 _______2. Have completed or presently enrolled in the following courses:

     BIO 2011 _____

     AHS 1060 _____

     AHS 2160 _____

     PED 2160 _____

 _______3. Completion of a minimum of 30 observation hours.  ___________________ (number of hours complete at date of application)     

 _______4. Completion of the Introduction to Athletic Training Competency Check Sheet.

_______ 5. Two letters of recommendation

 _______6. Completion of the Personal Essay (500-words or less)

 _______7.Signed medical release form.

_______ 8. Signed Technical Standards Certification Statement (signed by student and healthcare provider).

 _______9. Completion of the blood borne pathogen in-service.

** The application is due by the Friday before Spring Recess. All materials should be completed and given to the Director of Athletic Training Education.