Outside the Classroom

In the Castleton Athletic Training Program there are numerous opportunities for hands-on learning. The CAATE defines "Learning Over Time" as a process by which professional knowledge and skills are learned and evaluated. The process involves formal instruction and evaluation of the knowledge and skill, followed by a time of sufficient length to allow for practice and internalization of the information and skill, and then subsequent reevaluation of that information and skill in a clinical setting.

At Castleton, students complete six semesters of hands-on clinical rotations in the filed, averaging about 900-1300 hours of practicing, integrating, and applying skills that they learned in the classroom on real patients, all while receiving supervision and frequent feedback from their clinical preceptors. Students have the opportunity to work with a variety of collegiate and high school athletes on our campus as well as various affiliate clinical sites. In addition, they complete a general medical rotation, which involves observational experiences with other health care professionals in practice settings such as orthopedics, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, emergency medicine, and family practice medicine.

Students in the Athletic Training Program are also members of the Athletic Training Club. This club provides student members with opportunities to attend local, regional and national sports medicine professional meetings.