Crystal Golding

Biology, 13

After experiencing life away from home, alumni Crystal Golding returned to Vermont to complete her undergraduate schooling. At first her options consisted of exploring schools that take her beyond the Green Mountain state borders, but she soon realized Castleton University offered exactly what she was looking for in a Biology program.

Golding graduated in May of 2013 with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She then used her degree to apply to the American University School of Medicine in St. Maarten, with the dream of becoming a medical doctor within the next four years.

“Castleton provided the platform for me to make my medical school aspirations a reality,” Golding said.

The open door policy and tight knit relationship between the professors and students at Castleton was something Golding referred to as a huge advantage. With small class sizes, Castleton was a place where Golding could really apply herself and connect with the professors.

“I graduated from Castleton with a strong framework for medical school because of the amazing men and women of the science department,” said Golding. “My solid performance is a direct result of this institution.”

Since graduation she has managed to keep in touch with two of her most influential Natural Sciences department professors, Dr. Deborah Alongi and Dr. Livia Vastag. She said she considers these two individuals personal friends and hopes to retain that friendship for the rest of her life.

“I cannot express how integral they were in the journey towards my medical degree,” Golding said.

It wasn’t just the education that made her time at Castleton a pleasure though. The Vermont setting offered her the perfect escape and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Like many, Golding took full advantage of having three large ski resorts within thirty minutes of the university.