Business by Contract Program Requirements

These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outlines the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. The complete catalog is available online.

An Associate degree is designed to allow a student to complete a degree within two years in an area of interest. This degree would be appropriate for students who desire to obtain an initial college degree prior to making the commitment to complete a four-year degree. Courses completed for an associate degree can be applied to the completion of a four-year degree.

Complete the following courses (18 cr):

Code Course Credits

ACC 2101

Accounting I

This course examines the role that accounting information plays in decision-making and the importance of income, cash flows, and financial position to organizations. Issues are considered from a variety of users’ viewpoints. Included in the course will be (1) a focus on analytic and problem-solving skills, (2) technological and communication skill development, and (3) an awareness of ethical and public policy issues.

Basic computer skills in Microsoft Excel and Word are required.

Fee Materials charge $20.



ACC 3010

Accounting for Management Decisions

This course examines the use of accounting information to enhance decision-making and control of for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations. The major topics in this course include the use of accounting in making alternative choice decisions, the development and use of product cost information, as well as the creation of operating and capital budgets.

Prerequisite: ACC 2101

Fee Fee $20

Every Semester


BUS 1270

Principles of Computer-Based Information Systems

An introduction to the devices and techniques used in the processing of data. This course includes hands-on use of word processing and spreadsheet programs and the internet. This course fulfills the Gen Ed computing requirement.

Fee Materials charge $20.

Every semester


BUS 2020

Principles of Management

This course in an introduction to the philosophy, principles, and techniques of management. Students will examine classical, modern, and emerging concepts as they relate to today’s manager and the functional processes of planning, organizing, directing and controlling resources. Learning experiences may include case studies, team experiences and simulations.

Prerequisite: BUS 1270.

Every semester


BUS 2230

Principles of Marketing

This course introduces the role of marketing as it relates to manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and service businesses. Topics include product development, pricing decisions, promotional consideration, and distribution options of both goods and services. Students will also examine the emerging role of electronic marketing, and its impact on today’s businesses.

Prerequisite: BUS 1270.

Every semester


BUS 3131

Business Law I

An introductory course to provide a knowledge and awareness of the scope and terminology of the American legal system as it pertains to business organizations. Topics emphasized may include criminal law, tort law, forms of doing business, law of contracts, sales, real and personal property law, negotiable instruments, Uniform Commercial Code, and agency relationships.

Prerequisite: BUS 2020

Every semester


And complete an AS.BUS.CNT Contract

The Contract must include an additional 24 credits within the Department of Business Administration with prior approval of the student's Business faculty advisor. Of these 24 credits up to 6 credits may be from non-business areas if, in the opinion of the student and the advisor, such courses will make a contribution to the student's objectives. A student wishing to concentrate the 24 credits in a specific area such as Accounting, Management, or Marketing must consult with the Business faculty advisor.

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

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