Ashley Swanson

Business Administration, '09

As a first generation student, Castleton presented her with an opportunity to achieve something others in her family had not, a college degree.

“I feel accomplished. My parents never went to college and for me to be able to make my family proud means the world to me,” said Castleton alumna Ashley Swanson. 

A 2009 graduate of the Business Administration Department with a concentration in marketing, Swanson currently works with Accruepartners as a Division Market Manager and is responsible for business development in the company's Texas Division.

Originally from Vermont, Castleton’s rural setting appealed to Swanson in her college search. She ultimately decided on the university because of her opportunity to play field hockey at the collegiate level, as well as for the reputable academics.

Throughout her four years she enjoyed the vast outdoor opportunities the campus provided, including running on the local trails, hiking Birdseye Mountain and Mount Zion and spending time on the scenic Lake Bomoseen.

“Whenever someone asks me where I went to college I don’t have enough good things to say,” she said.

Her academic experience was as noteworthy as her leisure time, adding that she benefited from the small class settings where her professors made her opinions feel valued.

“They treated me like an adult and it was constant mutual respect, which is what I admired most about the faculty,” Swanson said.

For those just beginning or in the midst of their Castleton experience she encourages them to build relationships with their professors outside of the classroom for their own future benefit.

“You will be in a much better spot once you graduate and need a letter of recommendation or advice on ‘real world’ issues,” she said. “The administration and professors have everything to do with my outlook on success.”

A major aspect of this view, she said, was their influence on her to instill a sense of value into all that she does and tries to accomplish. This work ethic helped her to establish her personal goals and professional expectations.

“I would not be where I am today without my Castleton experience,” she said.