George Kuhn

Business Administration, '04

From the moment he stepped into the classroom for a Consumer Behavior course sophomore year, alumni George Kuhn’s knew the business realm was where he wanted to be. His initial exposure to marketing research not only intrigued him, but also left him wanting to continue on in the field of business to pursue a career.

"My experience as a business student at Castleton far exceeded my expectations,” said Kuhn, now Director of Research Services and Moderator at Research and Marketing Strategies, and founder of Building Your Brand, a market research training website.

It was talented professors and the in-class experience that Kuhn said really set a strong foundation for his career. His hands-on experience helped him gain a better understanding of the different types of business careers options and gave him the confidence to set goals for after graduation.

“I often reflect on my time in the business program at Castleton as many of the core takeaways and approaches I learned are still applicable in my day-to-day endeavors," Kuhn’s said.