Caleb Watkins

Chemistry, '16

Caleb WatkinsBeing actively involved on campus paired with an active desire to learn, are qualities that allowed alumni Caleb Watkins to thrive during his time at Castleton.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry: Biochemistry and Psychology, he continued his education at The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at the University of Vermont.

The Department of Natural Sciences and the Department of Psychology at Castleton helped Watkins’ desire to become a lifelong learner.

“These departments taught me to seek more in-depth answers and to always ask how and why,” explained Watkins, adding that it was professors like Dr. Livia Vastag and Dr. Terry Bergen that influenced him most as a student. “They genuinely cared about their students, and they actively pushed their students to achieve higher goals.”

Excited to see what the future holds for Castleton, Watkins believes that the University will continue to grow and expand for many years to come.

“Castleton’s constant drive to improve the education and opportunities available for students makes me proud to be an alum,” he said.