Catie Wielgasz

Chemistry, '16

Straying from her comfort zone and jumping into new adventures and opportunities full force are limitations alumni Catie Wielgasz knew that she needed to overcome before graduating college. Since joining the Castleton community she has not only conquered her difficulties, but also grown personally and professionally.

“I had no idea that Castleton would allow me to gain experiences, memories, and life lessons that I will never forget,” stated the Chemistry major.

Many of these experiences came directly from her exposure to the Natural Sciences department. With the help of various department professors, Wielgasz has had the opportunity to be part of two summer internships, traveling across the country to Oregon and Vermont.

“I have learned important professional skills, along with experiences and opportunities to learn more about chemistry and other sciences,” she said, adding that these skills have prepared her for life after graduation.

Wielgasz explained that during her time at the university her professors continuously gone out of their way to help her build up her resume. They have assisted with internship applications, provided personal advice, and explored various research presentation opportunities, which have allowed her exposure to real world science career situation.

“As a science major, being able to have hands on experience with equipment is extremely crucial,” said Wielgasz. “With classes such as Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, I have had the opportunity to learn how using equipment properly and creating standards are beneficial qualities to have.”

Yet, her involvement at Castleton went far beyond the science lab. Wielgasz has compiled a long list of extracurricular activities during her time on campus, including serving as Vice President of the Student Government Association, Coordinator for the Green Campus Initiative and a mathematics and science tutor.

After graduation Wielgasz has no plans of slowing down. Eventually she would like to further her education by attending graduate school in pursuit of a Ph.D.

“From seeing a liquid nitrogen explosion, to having a Lord of the Rings marathon with some classmates and faculty members, I treasure my time here at Castleton,” Wielgasz said.