Catherine Twing

Communication, '17

Communication alumni Catherine Twing quickly found her place at Castleton, which lined her up for endless career opportunities.

“I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, both students and professionals, attend conferences, and get hands-on experience in my field,” she said.

Twing joined the Castleton community as a first-year Social Work major, but shortly after found that her passion for writing was what spoke to her most. Now fully dedicated to the field of Communication with a minor in Sociology, she says she could not be happier.

In order make the most out of her writing experience Twing joined the Spartan newspaper as a reporter, then later co-editor, as well as gained valuable expertise as a free-lance writer for the Rutland Herald.

“To me, these experiences might be more valuable than the classroom learning because you get to put your learning into action,” she said.

In the future Twing would like to take all of her experience at Castleton and become a reporter for a regional newspaper. She said she would have no fear when taking on her first assignment after graduation because of the exposure she has received to many different topics in journalism.

During her time at Castleton, Angela Brande was one of the biggest influences and role models for Twing. Brande suggested Twing write for the University newspaper when she was a student in her Intro to Theater Arts class and since then she supports and congratulates Twing on everything she writes.

Associate Professor of Communication Dave Blow was also a strong influencer. Helping Twing hone her skills as a journalist, he opened her up to so many opportunities to further her writing skills.

Outside of journalism Twing was very involved as a Student Orientation Staff Leader, as Vice President of the Honors Council, and as a member of Castleton’s jazz ensemble.

“I never need to look far to find someone who I can talk with whether I need someone to confide in, vent to, or get advice from. The people at Castleton are so friendly,” said Twing.