Internship & Career Opportunities

Communication opens up an almost infinite range of possibilities.

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Careers in Communication

Many careers in the communication field that graduates end up pursuing don't even exist when they enter college. Today's social media marketers, satellite technicians, digital compositors and sports bloggers prepared for the future as communication students, learning timeless skills like writing and group dynamics while keeping pace with and gaining experience in the ever-changing world of electronic communications. Recent graduates work in print, TV and online journalism; video production and editing; advertising, public relations and event planning; social media marketing; web analytics; sports information; publishing; and related areas from education and business, to law and medicine. Many students have successfully completed graduate studies in communication and related areas. Castleton communication alumni hold positions of responsibility in a huge range of fields from Maine to Hollywood, Florida to Colorado, and form a significant portion of the communication community in Vermont. Communication graduates hold a number of Emmys, Associated Press, Sundance and Edward R. Murrow Awards and have worked on Oscar-winning films.


Internships in Communication

Most communication majors have the opportunity to make contributions in their field while they are still students. More than 70% choose to intern at a professional communication venue as a jump start to their careers. In recent years, they have interned in organizations as large as NBC Universal and as small as local graphic design studios, as far away as Hollywood, Park City, Utah and Quito, Ecuador, and as close-by as the University's public information and sports information offices. In your senior year, as a communication major you will need to take a capstone course, either a senior seminar, senior project, or internship. Many students decide to take two or even three of the choices. In addition, many students choose to intern before their senior year and many do more than one internship.

Castleton communication interns have found appreciative responses from their internship locations: an NBC documentary unit said that their Castleton intern was the best of the six they had that summer, including one from Harvard. A Vermont Public Television supervisor wrote that the intern “was instrumental in shepherding a key project….I feel that with [student]’s researching skills, attentiveness to details, flexibility and personal skills she will be very successful." A regional newspaper editor wrote that the intern "is ready for a job at an entry-level paper…He is as good or better than most of the raw rookies I have seen.” An ABC news graphics supervisor said a Castleton intern was "…one of the most talented and reliable people I've ever worked with…her performance and dedication to the job is rare."

It is not unusual for an intern to be hired at their internship location and a number have developed contacts that lead to employment elsewhere in the same area. Castleton students have been hired directly from their internships at WABC-TV, The Rutland Herald, Catamount Radio, ESPN, LMW Design, OutsideTV, Meredith Media and elsewhere.