Jennifer Dorr

Media & Communication, '19

Jennifer Dorr Being a Vermont native, Castleton was a convenient and perfect choice for junior Jenn Dorr. Hailing from nearby Manchester, Castleton was a home away from home. She felt a strong connection with the area and knew that Castleton would give her strong academics and opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.  

Dorr felt that Castleton’s small-town atmosphere and tight-knit community would make for an easier transition from high school to college.   

“Because Castleton is set in a smaller town, it allows great community relations to be developed and built,” she said. “Since I am from Manchester, I find comfort in being close to home” 

From the moment she arrived, she knew she was home. She felt that the positive energy and campus atmosphere made it easy to adapt and feel comfortable. Her choice of Castleton was confidently made. 

Dorr is a communications major with a concentration in Public Relations, along with a minor in Marketing. She believes a public relations concentration fits well with her personality and hopes to be able to utilize her degree while pursuing sales and marketing post-grad. 

Castleton helps students pave paths towards their future, and Jenn has more than discovered their help and enthusiasm. She praises her advisor, Ed Dansereau, for being incredibly supportive while opening doors of opportunity and providing countless options for his students to look at.  

“He recognized my skills and strengths and led me to consider a different pathway that would highlight my features,” she said. “After careful consideration, I later realized that it made more sense to join the communications department, with a minor in marketing. Through his dedication to my success, he truly cared for what was best for me. The one-on-one connection makes everyone feel valued, rather than just a number.” 

Thanks to the professional relationships within the Castleton family, Dorr found herself an internship with the public relations program for the school, with professional responsibilities and the ability to view an educational institution through an entirely different lens. She says that the internship was a “crucial building block for creating success later down the line.” 

Four years of college is not long and Dorr knows her departure will be bittersweet.  

“After graduation, I will cherish all of the moments I had at Castleton which made my experience unforgettable in the best of ways,” she shares. “I will miss the friendly faces I see around campus on a regular basis. Castleton has such a positive and energetic vibe that is hard not be contagious with it.”