Melissa Verrill

Computer Information Systems Major, '09

From the first time she stepped on campus Castleton just clicked for Melissa Verrill. A combination of academic programs, athletic opportunities, and the sense of community drew her into the small college with a big heart.

“I just felt like they wanted me to come to school there,” she said.

In 2009 Verrill graduated with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Castleton and continued on to Worcester Polytechnic Institute where she received her MBA. Today, she is employed by Hitachi Consulting out of Brookline, MA.

As a student, Verrill said her professors, coaches, teammates, classmates, and friends all became a support system who took a genuine interest in her helping her succeed both in and out of the classroom. In particular, she said her CIS professor, Mike Bethel, provided her with the tools and confidence necessary to accomplish her future goals.

“When I was unsure that I had what it took to pursue certain things, he reassured me that I was and then some,” Verrill said. “He was able to see things that I was capable of that at the time I was blind to.”

Also athletically inclined, Verrill was a member of the women’s basketball team and won a conference championship in 2009 during her senior season. In 2012, she returned to Glenbrook Gymnasium as an alumna to witness as a new group of women reclaimed the title and advanced to the national tournament.

Despite the years and miles that inevitably come between Verrill and Castleton, she said she doesn’t feel disconnected from her alma mater.

“It warms my heart when I see a fellow alum get married, have a kid, accomplish a personal feat or land an awesome new job. It brings me back to game night jitters when I see that an athletic team is killing it on the national stage,” she said. “It makes me smile when I get a random email from a Castleton contact I haven’t heard from in ages.”

Verrill said she benefitted from her Castleton experiences both professionally and socially and she is proud of her alumna status.

“It means I’m part of this extended and always growing family,” she said.