Creative Marketing Minor Program Requirements

As a Creative Marketing minor, you will be exposed to different types of advertising, media, and marketing, which will help you to think outside the box and find new approaches to marketing.

Creative marketing relies heavily on communicating effectively with others and understanding the language and cultures within creative marketing. You will also develop the ability to communicate effectively with others and prospective investors.

Benefits of a Creative Marketing Minor

  • Develop well-rounded decision-making, creative thinking, and organizational skills.
  • Gain knowledge in marketing through first hand experiences in classes like Social Media Marketing.

Creative Marketing Minor Requirements

These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outlines the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. The complete catalog is available online.

The creative side of marketing is both an art and a science. To complete this minor, which is open to students in any major, learners will acquire a solid foundation in marketing theory and the creative process. The real value lies in the ability to effectively communicate with everyone involved in the creative process by understanding the use of language, norms, and cultures.

Creative Marketing focuses on career paths in the promotional side of marketing including such job titles as: Creative Director, Advertising Associate, Media Advertising Operations, Creative Assistant, and Art Director.

Students wishing to complete a Creative Marketing minor must complete five required courses and choose one elective from the list below, for a total of six courses.

Complete the following courses (18 cr):

Code Course Credits

BUS 2230

Principles of Marketing

Complete this course (3 cr):

This course introduces the role of marketing as it relates to manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and service businesses. Topics include product development, pricing decisions, promotional consideration, and distribution options of both goods and services. Students will also examine the emerging role of electronic marketing, and its impact on today’s businesses.

Prerequisite: BUS 1270.

Every semester


BUS 2035

Content Marketing and Professional Networking

Business majors complete this course (3 cr):

Social Media is changing the way organizations interact with consumers, business partners, and their supply chain. The Content Marketing approach includes marketing strategies, context of the customer decision process, and development of a professional network. Content transfers the organization's values, culture, ethics, differentiation, and positioning to the target market through written word, pictures, videos, podcasts, and infographics.This course counts towards the Social & Behavioral Frame of Reference.



BUS 3210


Non-Business majors take this course (3 cr):

A comprehensive look at the promotional process including media analysis and selection, dealing with the creative functions and production processes, measuring promotional effectiveness, and developing a comprehensive advertising strategy. Central to the course is the development of an advertising plan and campaign.

Prerequisite: BUS 2230.



BUS 3272

Social Media Marketing

Complete these courses (9 cr):

Facebook®, Twitter, LinkedIn®, and YouTube™ have changed the way consumers communicate today and businesses must be a part of this social discussion or risk losing significant marketing opportunities. This course lays the conceptual foundation and practical approach to developing successful social media marketing plans while achieving desired marketing goals. The most productive marketing tactics for each type of major social media platform are examined in depth. A significant portion of the course will be devoted to hands-on development and discovery of social media tools. Students must be willing to work as a social team collaborating on the cloud, writing a blog, creating a LinkedIn persona, tweeting, developing YouTube videos, and sharing information on the Internet.

Prerequisite: BUS 2230 or COM 2150



COM 1410

Digital Photography I

The student will explore the mechanical and electronic aspects of digital photography, as well as developing some of the basic tools of image manipulation. Instruction will include the aesthetics of digital images.

Prerequisite: Digital camera is required.

Fee A studio fee may be required.

Every semester


ART 2221

Graphic Design I: Intro to Graphic Design

or COM 2221 - Graphic Design I: Intro to Graphic Design 3 cr

This course will introduce students to the basic principles, language, tools and practice of graphic design and teach them how to apply concepts through visual problem solving and communication. Students will also learn the process of design: research, ideation, iteration, implementation via industry-standard graphics software, and critique.

Fee Fee $50

Every semester


BUS 3290

Sports Marketing

And complete 1 of the following (3 cr):

The course examines the marketing of sports activities, organizations, and paraphernalia. Topics covered include careers in sports marketing, product concepts, promotion, broadcast rights, and sponsorship programs. This course is recommended for anyone interested in pursuing a career in marketing, sports information or sports administration.

Prerequisite: BUS 2230



CIS 3150

Web Design I

This first course in web design covers the principles of web page design, navigation, content creation, graphics, and creating sites that meet the needs of the organization. The course will introduce the use of page layout tools, templates, the basics of scripting languages, database integration, and image manipulation. Students will gain an understanding of good web design principles.

Prerequisite: BUS 1270 and BUS 2230 (or concurrent enrollment).

Fee Materials charge $20.



COM 1211

Introduction to Video and Filmmaking

This is a project-oriented course in which students develop their abilities to communicate in a wide range of video applications. It offers hands-on instruction, practice and guidance in writing, producing, directing, camerawork, audio recording, single and multi-camera production, and editing. Depending on their interests, students produce, direct and/or appear on camera in a number of in-and out-of class productions.

Fee Studio fee $20.

Every Semester


ART 3130

Motion Graphics and Animation

or COM 3133 - Motion Graphics and Animation 3 cr

This course will introduce the study and application of the basic technical and aesthetic components of motion design. Using industry standard time-based media software, students learn animation principles ans skills as applied to a variety of media on computer and video screens. Topics include character animation, animation layering, motion logo development, and motion typography.

Prerequisite: ART 2221 or COM 2221

Fee Fee $50