Jason Irish

Ecological Studies, '16

 Outdoor survivalist exercises aren't the usual way to integrate yourself into a field of study, but for alumni Ecological Studies major Jason Irish, those are the experiences he will never forget.

The Natural Sciences Department was an obvious choice for Irish who always loved science growing up and hated the idea of spending his post-college life behind a desk.

“Castleton has put my ideas into a proper perspective and has really shown me what I am good at. When I graduate I know I will be confident in the skills I learned,” said Irish.

He hopes to land a job as a Vermont State Trooper and work his way to the Fish and Wildlife branch to be in the field as much as possible.

As an Adventure Recreation minor, being 40 minutes from a large ski resort and the overall closeness of the university and campus community made his four years at Castleton all that he wanted it to be.

“The setting is perfect because everyone is nice and talkative. Whenever I walk to class I pass at least 10 people I know and it has really created a sense of family for me at Castleton,” Irish said.

Through his work as a Community Advisor in the residence halls, as well as a spot on the Alpine Ski and Track teams and the position of sousaphone musician for the marching band, Irish has seen it all in his time here and met all the right people along the way.

“Every student will have tough times, but because of the friends they discover they are able to make it through the learning curves, discovering who they really are each step of the way,” he said.