Forms for Education Majors

Graduate Program Change Proposal

This form is to be used by a student to submit request to change their graduate program.

Graduate Program Change Form (Student)Graduate Program Change Form (Student)

Permission to Photograph or Videotape Student

In order to provide undergraduate and graduate college students at Castleton with high-quality feedback about their developing teaching practice, Castleton, as well as the Agency of Education, requires college students to film themselves while working in the school classrooms. These tapes are used for class instruction, licensure portfolios and their own learning process. These tapes are for professional use only. Castleton students are taught about the importance of confidentiality in their teaching practice. These tapes will not be posted in any public forum, on the internet, etc. We ask your permission to have your child videotaped as part of a class.

Permission to Photograph or Videotape StudentPermission to Photograph or Videotape Student