As an English major you will participate in a rigorous, varied, and stimulating course of study designed to prepare you for a wide variety of career paths in teaching, business, law, medicine, journalism, government, and more, or or further studies in graduate school

You will not only develop a deep foundational knowledge of literature, but also hone interpretive, analytical, and critical skills that form the basis of the core abilities or skill sets that employers and professional schools find most attractive.

Highlights of the English Program

  • A bachelor’s degree in English offers you a balance of depth and breadth through a core of common classes
  • Small class sizes give you the opportunity for personal engagement with your peers, professors, and course content
  • Further develop your ability to ability to think creatively and critically, solve real-world problems, and communicate clearly and elegantly in both speech and writing

Career Opportunities with a Degree in English

A degree in English is a versatile option that can lead to many different career paths. The ability to communicate effectively verbally and in written forms is in high demand. Here are some recent examples of successful careers that our English alumni have embarked on:

  • Web & marketing manager
  • Spokesperson, New York State Farm Bureau
  • IT coordinator
  • HS English teacher
  • Credit analyst
  • Art licensing associate
  • Wholesale grocery buyer
  • Children's librarian
  • Technical writer
  • Copy editor

Internship Opportunities for English Majors

English majors have pursued internships in a variety of fields and locations, depending upon student interest and placement opportunities.

Students in the past have completed rewarding internships at publishing houses, art centers, museums, and an international toy company, just to name a few.

3+2 program with Vermont Law School

Highly-focused English majors can also take advantage of our 3+2 program with Vermont Law School, which allows you to earn a Bachelor’s degree in just three years at Castleton and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in just two years at VLS.