Angela Weekes

English/Literature, '16

Angela WeekesThe home-like comfort provided by a small school has allowed English and Literature alumni Angela Weekes to strive for a career in the ever-evolving field of writing.

The desire to improve her analytical and writing skills brought her to Castleton, where she knew she could find individualized mentoring to help develop various communication skills.

Having previously attended a large university in the West, Weekes was hesitant when making the transition to a smaller school but excited for the possibilities Castleton could hold for her.

“Castleton's setting as a small university in a small town gives you the opportunity to feel at home. You can see the contributions you make to the community and know you make a difference,” she said.

After completing her studies in English and Literature, Weekes hopes to further her studies and pursue a Master’s degree and continue on to a career in technical writing. Weekes will take with her the mentoring she received and the welcoming environment created for her by Castleton’s faculty and staff.

“Each of my professors has shown a genuine interest in helping me cultivate my skills. They have focused on what I am learning and understanding and not on their own teaching,” explained Weekes, “This has helped me take more away from each class.”