Cassie Papandrea

English Major, '15

Originally attending Castleton as a music major, Cassie Papandrea found her place in the English Department while fulfilling her general education requirements.

“While taking the core music classes I also enrolled in a few English courses,” she said. “I remember listening to Professor Joyce Thomas speak about Othello, and more specifically Iago’s silver-tongued lines, and thinking ‘This is what I want to do’.”

Soon after that experience, Papandrea said she changed her major to English and began exploring the globe and hopping time periods without ever leaving the confines of a book.

From Ancient Greece to China and Russia, she said her major has taken her mind to every corner of the world.

“Envious of the wonderful writing I read and wanting to share my voice, I also picked up a minor in writing,” she said. “Creative writing is one of my passions, and I hope to share one of my works, whether a book or a movie script, with the world someday.”

In her sophomore year, Papandrea was presented with an opportunity that narrowed down her future aspirations even further.

“I had the opportunity to do one the scariest and best things in the world,” she said. “I was able to teach a lesson in a college class.”

To an audience of her peers she said she gave a brief lesson on the last canto of Dante’s Purgatorio.

“In those 15-20 minutes I decided that teaching was definitely what I wanted to do with my life,” said Papandrea.

Despite her change in major, Papandrea has still been able to feed her passion for music as an active member of Castleton’s marching band. Beyond the music, she also acts as a first-year student liaison for the band to help new students as they adjust to the atmosphere and expectations.

Most recently, she has become involved with the Student Orientation Staff to help incoming students as they transition into college. Her roles include working with registration, orientation and the college recruitment process.

“This new position allows me to share my love of Castleton and my English Department with even more people,” Papandrea said.