Jack DelPriore

English Major, '15

For Castleton’s Jack DelPriore, the English Department is the home of his free-reigning mind that allows him to explore his creative potential far beyond the tightly bound pages of book.

“I’m a wanderer. I like to wander around malls, bookstores, or any place that might interest me just to look at the people and things that are around while I let my mind do some wandering of its own,” he said. “Castleton’s English Department lets me do just that.”

In developing close relationships with his professors, DelPriore said he has benefitted from their guidance and expertise in harnessing creativity and organizing his thoughts.

“It’s a small pleasure of mine to be welcomed into their offices any time I need to voice a frantic idea or get writing directions and suggestions from people who are published authors themselves,” said DelPriore.

As an aspiring high school literature teacher, he has also had the opportunity to expand his classroom skills by acting as a teaching assistant as well as guest lecturer in other Castleton English courses.

“I designed and taught a month-long section of my own on argumentative writing,” he said. “Not only did I have the freedom to teach the class the way I wanted to but I also got to talk to new freshmen about why they liked or disliked how the lesson was being taught.”

As a guest lecturer in an Introduction to Literature course DelPriore gave a lesson on identifying poetic devices. However, he chose to capture the students attention by highlighting the poetry and literary techniques found on social media.

“Instead of rifling through a few poems for them, the class read a series of Kanye West tweets to each other and identified the poetic technologies used in an everyday medium,” he said.

DelPriore also welcomes the opportunity to showcase his own abilities in the Peer Advocates for CHANGE campus poetry slam that is held each semester. He said he enjoys the challenge the slam presents as well as the ability to witness the impact his work has on an audience.

With these experiences DelPriore’s teaching opportunities have already reached beyond Castleton’s campus and even oceanic boundaries. With the help of a Castleton education professor, he said he was able to travel to Shanghai, China and demonstrate his teaching abilities.

“The experience was incredible,” he said. “Now I’ve got a good story and the skills to write it.”