Nick Minarik

Manager, Gundam Planet, Palisades Park, NJ

When he first stepped foot on Castleton’s campus, Nick Minarik was unsure of what degree title would be printed on his diploma at the end of his four years.

“I started on a path to psych major before turning to music, finding nothing of interest in either field,” he said.

With Castleton’s liberal arts education, Minarik spent his first year eliminating his general education course requirements and writing for the University’s student newspaper The Spartan. The major-by-contract opportunity within the English Department gave him the freedom to create his own educational path with his advisor.

“Ultimately, it gave me the tailored experience of a writing concentration while still giving me the culture of a major about literature,” he said. “With my degree I was able to appeal to a wide variety of companies.”

With a writing concentration and editing skills, Minarik was able to catch the attention of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management where he submitted pieces as a freelance writer. Later, he wrote features and weekly themed articles for Verve Social Magazine.

“The most important opportunity that my degree opened for me was an internship for an online hobby shop, Gundam Planet,” he said.

Despite the company’s strong graphics and visual presentations they lacked in the quality of their content due to their Japanese to English translations. 

“I approached them to set up an editing internship which lasted over a year and had me editing the entire product catalog and developing content,” he said.

This extensive internship landed Minarik a full-time managerial position within the company. Today, he says he is responsible for Gundham Planet’s content development, social media, product descriptions, customer service and inventory management.

Reflecting on his Castleton career, Minarik said he gained the confidence in himself to pursue his talents to his greatest potential.

“My experience has taught me that you can be the best at what you do, but without the ability to express it in a convincing way, no one will notice,” he said.