Brock Labelle

Exercise Science, '17

Brock LabelleOriginally from Memphis, Tennessee, Brock Labelle knew from his first visit to campus that he would fall in love with everything that Castleton has to offer. 

The sport of hockey is how Castleton got on Labelle’s radar, but his experience at the university surpassed his expectations from day one.   

“If someone told me that I would have gotten into grad school on my first round of applications, been a four-year varsity letter winner, the captain of the hockey team my senior year, and been the president of a club that raised upwards of $36,000 … I honestly would have told you that you were lying,” he said.  

Labelle is president of Right to Play at Castleton. 

Having dreamt of becoming a physical therapist since the eighth grade; that dream is now in reach. He’s completed 100 observation hours at a physical therapy office where he was able to learn skills that will help him to succeed in his future career.  

Several people have made a lasting impact on Labelle’s experience at Castleton, including Professor Justin Carlstrom and Men’s Hockey Coach Bill Silengo. He credits both with making him a more well-rounded person – on and off the ice.  

“They made me get out of my comfort zone, which allowed me to grow and mature as a student, athlete, and person,” he said. “They pushed me and allowed me to reach a ceiling that I didn’t know I had.” 

The small town, small campus, and small class sizes at Castleton have also helped Labelle to reach his full potential. 

“Nobody understands what it means to be a Spartan unless you spent four years at Castleton,” he said. “The way people care for each other and look out for each other cannot be matched at any other university.”