Sarah Bergstrom

Exercise Science, '15

Traveling from the large town of Enfield, Connecticut to visit Castleton, Vermont was quite a change of pace, but right away alumni Sarah Bergstrom realized it was the school for her. The idea of a small college with many opportunities was just the sort of experience she was looking for.

“I knew I would never be able to be a part of a huge campus in the same way I'm a part of Castleton,” she said.

Bergstrom entered college always keeping personal goals in the forefront of her mind. Seeking out educational opportunities, doing well in classes and becoming involved in as much as possible were always her main objectives.

During her four years at Castleton Bergstrom took full advantage of the many opportunities the school opened up for her. She was an active leader for the Student Orientation Staff for three years, and served as President and Vice President of the Humane Society club, which she finds to be very rewarding.

“On a bigger scale, life is what you make it and if you don't put any effort in, you'll get nothing in return,” said the exercise science and health major. “By putting in maximal effort and having set goals for the future, you'll get the most out of every experience you encounter.”

Gaining plenty of real world experience in her field of study was something Bergrstrom credits to one of her professors, Dr. Justin Carlstrom who has also been a huge role model during her time at Castleton. She was able to work one-on-one conducting research along side Professor Carlstrom during the spring 2014 semester running labs on college athletes.

“He has guided my interests in exercise science and offered many opportunities as well as ideas as far as the future goes,” she said.

Bergstrom added that all the experiences she’s had in Vermont, whether educational or otherwise, have shaped her into the person she is today. With the goal of helping to shape a healthier society, she plans to attend graduate school in the fall with the hope of moving into a more advanced field, such as cardiac rehabilitation.

Among the many things she will miss most about her college experience after her May 2015 graduation, she says the thing she would remember most about her time at Castleton is the people.

“Whether it's someone I have run into two or three times or the best friends I have here, I think the people are what makes Castleton such a great place to live and learn,” said Bergstrom. “Knowing that I'm connected to those people by such a small college community is comforting because I know I always have somewhere to come back to or people to visit around the globe.”