Outside the Classroom

Global Studies students and faculty truly make a difference while applying knowledge and skills gained as members of Civic Engagement courses like Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Issues and Problems (HIS 1010). Students carry out service projects that benefit communities near and far, for example: 

Typhoon Adobo

  • We raised money for typhoon victims in the Philippines by cooking and serving Filipino food to the Castleton community and providing information about climate change, extreme weather events, and the history and culture of the Philippines.

Poverty Simulation

  • We raised awareness about the social, economic and political effects of poverty both in the US and worldwide.


  • We collected clothing and food donations for local children and families in need.

World Water Day 

  • We educate the community about the global needs for clean drinking water through films and guest speakers, and raise funds for a Vermont NGO that supplies water purification technology to the third world.