Graphic Design Minor Program Requirements

These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outlines the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. The complete catalog is available online.

The Graphic Design minor prepares students for careers in a wide variety of fields and locations including advertising, health care, product packaging, public relations, broadcasting, education, marketing, and government services. A joint effort of Castleton's Art Department and Media & Communication Department, the graphic design minor offers a blend of theoretical and practical courses providing a combination of perspectives on design principles and use.

The Graphic Design Minor requires 18 credits:

Code Course Credits

ART 2221

Graphic Design I: Intro to Graphic Design

or COM 2221 - Graphic Design I: Intro to Graphic Design 3 cr

This course will introduce students to the basic principles, language, tools and practice of graphic design and teach them how to apply concepts through visual problem solving and communication. Students will also learn the process of design: research, ideation, iteration, implementation via industry-standard graphics software, and critique.

Fee Fee $50

Every semester


ART 2222

Graphic Design II: Publication Design

or COM 2222 - Graphic Design II: Publication Design 3 cr

Students continue to explore and apply graphic design, typographic principles, and type/image integration with emphasis on print and online publication, including newspaper, magazine and advertising layout and design. The course continues the consideration of design in a historical perspective.

Prerequisite: ART 2221/COM 2221 or consent of instructor.

Fee Fee $50



ART 3221

Graphic Design III: Visual Branding

or COM 3221 - Graphic Design III: Visual Branding

This course teaches the development of visual branding, a system for communicating an organization's unique story. Students will pursue both project based and holistic approaches to visual research and information gathering, concept generation, design, and implementation. Students will gain an understanding of the history of logos, iconography, wordmarks, typography, and vision books.

Prerequisite: ART 2222

Fee Fee $50


ARH 3052

History of Twentieth Century Art

And complete 3 of these courses (9 cr):

European and American painting and sculpture from 1900 to 1945.

This course counts towards the Aesthetic Understanding or World Views Frames of Reference.



ART 1410

Digital Photography I

or COM 1410 - Digital Photography I 3 cr

The student will explore the mechanical and electronic aspects of digital photography, as well as developing some of the basic tools of image manipulation. Instruction will include the aesthetics of digital images.

Prerequisite: Digital camera is required.

Fee A studio fee may be required.


ART 2040

Typographic Design

This class will focus on type and the basic letterform in relation to design. Students will study: letterforms, structure, type families and characteristics, terms and classifications, as well as the evolution of type. Projects will allow students to explore the conceptual thought process needed for expressive typography.

Prerequisite: ART 2221/COM 2221.

Fee A studio fee may be required.



ART 2315

Digital Photography II

or COM 2315 - Digital Photography II 3 cr

Further exploration of aesthetics, composition, design and image modification using digital photography techniques. Students will study advanced techniques for both camera work and software applications designed for digital manipulation. Access to a digital camera is essential.

Prerequisite: ART 1410

Fee A studio fee may be required.



ART 3130

Motion Graphics and Animation

or COM 3133 - Motion Graphics and Animation 3 cr

This course will introduce the study and application of the basic technical and aesthetic components of motion design. Using industry standard time-based media software, students learn animation principles ans skills as applied to a variety of media on computer and video screens. Topics include character animation, animation layering, motion logo development, and motion typography.

Prerequisite: ART 2221 or COM 2221

Fee Fee $50



ART 4222

Graphic Design IV: Internet Applications-Screen & Responsive Design

or COM 4222 - Graphic Design IV: Internet Applications-Screen & Responsive Design 3 cr

Students will explore the Web and mobile apps as communication media with emphasis on visual design, effective communication and user interaction, using both design and functionality tools. They will also consider the historical development of graphics and interface tools in electronic devices and networks.

Prerequisite: ART 3221

Fee Fee $50


COM 2220

Web Content and Site Development

In this course students will first learn the fundamentals of using the world wide web as a consumer, and then progress to the development of their own pages using a variety of hardware and software tools. We will also cover site development including file formats, service providers and connection speeds.

Prerequisite: BUS 1270, ART 1230 or COM 1230 or consent of instructor.

Fee Studio fee $15.




This minor is not available to students majoring in Graphic Design (BA.ART.GDS)