Amanda Beatty

Health Education, '18

Amanda BeattyStudent athlete Amanda Beatty found the Castleton University campus to be the perfect higher education blend of academics, athletics and extracurricular activities. A member of the Women’s Basketball team, the Health Education major is also a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Task Force, and the Health and Physical Education club.

“Being involved with many different extracurricular activities at Castleton has helped me explore many different experiences that have changed my outlook on my life and future,” said Beatty. “I am very passionate about health and helping others live a healthier lifestyle. I chose community health because I want to reach out to the community and help educate others.”

Throughout her years Beatty has received tremendous support from her professors, advisors, classmates and teammates, enriching her Castleton experience. She added that her time at the University has helped make her the person she is today.

“Castleton really shaped who I am as a person and has helped me find my passions in life,” said Beatty. “I can't thank Castleton enough.”