Madeline Haggerty

Health Education and Physical Education, '19

Madeline HaggertyChoosing Castleton has given Madeline Haggerty the ability to double major in Health and Physical Education, while also pulling double duty on the field as a dual-sport varsity athlete.

Originally from New York, Haggerty is a member of both the Alpine Ski team and Women’s Lacrosse team. Her time at Castleton has provided her with not only the classes she needs, but also with valuable experiences in the field.

“I love sports and in school I excelled in physical education class,” said Haggerty. “I have not only been in a classroom observing and interacting with students, but I have also had opportunities for professional development such as conferences and game and rec nights at Castleton Village School.”

The small class sizes have allowed Haggerty to get to know her professors on a more personal level. She never thought she would be able to juggle a full academic and athletic schedule, but with the help and support of friends, coaches, and professors it’s been possible for her to excel in all areas.

“The neighboring elementary and high schools being open to have students come and observe helps further our understanding in health and psychical education and what it is like in the real world,” said Haggerty.