Taylor Skelton

Health Science, '14

Having the opportunity to be an active student athlete and earn a Bachelor’s degree in just three years was a unique opportunity Castleton offered Taylor Skelton. Having graduated in 2014 with a B.S. in Health Science, she was able to fulfill her commitment as a member of the Women’s Ice Hockey team, while receiving a quality education.

Since then, she has committed to Regis University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, class of 2018.

“Attending Castleton has helped me obtain the background and credentials necessary to become a competitive applicant for DPT school,” Skelton said.

Guiding her throughout her three years was Natural Sciences Department Professor Peter Kimmel, who played a large role in assuring Skelton was well prepared for further schooling. Professor Lisa Donohue also had a strong influence on both Skelton’s views and understanding of modern and alternative medicine, which will greatly transfer over into her future career.

When thinking back to her most fond memories in Vermont, Skelton remembers her teammates and coaches. If it weren’t for the many hours she spent with them on and off the ice, the overall Castleton experience would not have been the same.

“Vermont is absolutely beautiful and I feel very lucky to have gotten to spend time there,” Skelton said.