Nic Soares

History, '10

 Although Castleton’s name has changed since graduate Nic Soares was last on campus, the History honors major knows that Castleton is still the small school with a big heart that pushed him in the right direction.

“Castleton is the same. It is always improving, expanding opportunities, and finding innovative ways to advance higher learning by increasing the number of pathways to success,” Soares said.

During his time on campus, Soares made use of every outlet the university could provide. He worked for Technical Services, as well as a writing tutor in the Academic Support Center, during which he also participated in theater performances and wrote for the Spartan newspaper.

“Castleton has the opportunities, human connections, and resources for those who are proactive,” added Soares.

Soares felt the ability to stand out in an environment that also provided a strong sense of empowerment and belonging along side the freedom and drive to succeed.

He went on to achieve his Master of Arts in History, through a culminated thesis that is to be published online by the research database ProQuest. From there he continued on to complete his Masters of Science in Information Science with a concentration in Archives & Records Management.

“The advice I give to current Castleton students is that you control your own education. College can be whatever you make it. Do not be content with passing. Succeed. If you invest effort on your dreams, Castleton will invest in you,” said Soares.