Patrick Gadwah

History, '15

Patrick Gadwah first came to Castleton as a young boy to visit his aunt during the summers. The small but picturesque Vermont town always stuck with him and when it came time to choose a higher education institution, Castleton was at the top of the list.

Being a Vermont native, Gadwah appreciates the unique qualities the University and its surroundings have to offer.

“Castleton’s Vermont setting has positively influences my education because I have grown up in Vermont and love the environment here,” he said.

After spending a semester in a World History FYS class as a freshman, Gadwah knew his forte would be within the History field. While history may seem dull to some, it sparked a flame is Gadwah that lasted his entire academic career.

“It has allowed me to think critically in everyday situations and directly relate current events to historical events,” said Gadwah.

To increase his history exposure, during his time at Castleton Gadwah took internship with the Brandon Museum, where he was in charge of organizing archival data as well as producing a marketing plan to help promote the museum throughout the community.

Gadwah said his history degree is the one reason he feels confident that whatever path he chooses to take in life, he is fully prepared.

“Castleton has made me want to reach a higher potential than I ever thought possible,” he said.