Stephen Vitale

History, '15

When a first-year student steps onto campus for the first time they have an idea of who they want to become. After four years at Castleton this same student has confidence in who they are and goals for a successful future.

Stephen Vitale, a history major with minors in global studies and women’s and gender studies, allowed Castleton to unleash his potential and inspire him beyond his first-year student ambitions. Originally drawn to Castleton for football, Vitale has since stepped off the field and delved into his academic inclinations.

“When I first started studying at Castleton I established expectations almost entirely influenced by athletics,” he said. “The historians here have made me believe that I, like them, can become a historian in the future and potentially make a contribution to the scholarly field.”

Discovering his knack for history at a young age, Vitale said he was influenced by the historical references of old hip-hop music and he initially planned to teach high school after college.

However, he said his professors Patricia Vander Spuy, Andre Fleche and Adam Chill have influenced him to continue his education and to share his knowledge with a classroom of other sorts.

“They motivated me to work harder,” Vitale said. “I intend to go on and receive my Ph.D in African History. I hope to become a university professor and eventually make publications of my own.