Jessica Pierpont

Music, '14

Jessica PierpontWith her love for music, Jessica Pierpont knew she wanted to earn her degree in that field. She chose Castleton because it has one of the most developed music programs in Vermont. 

After graduation, Pierpont attended The University of Arizona, earning a master’s degree in Choral Conducting. She has since found her way back to Vermont.  

Pierpont is grateful for her time at Castleton because of the opportunities it provided her and the influence from professors. 

“Dr. Sherrill Blodget was a huge influence in my music career. Castleton allowed me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had received anywhere else,” Pierpont said. 

She said that Blodget was a huge factor in her success and that she was an incredible resource. The two still remain in touch.  

 “She truly believed in me and allowed me to expand my experiences in whatever way I possibly could,” Pierpont said.  

Castleton provided Pierpont with hands-on learning opportunities and she was able to gain conducting experience early in her undergraduate degree. Her time at Castleton has left an imprint on Pierpont. It’s where she found life-long friends and where she could be involved. 

“Between the community service, community involvement, emphasis on education, and promoting the arts programs, there were so many opportunities for students to succeed,” she said. 

Pierpont’s advice for current students is to take every advantage that Castleton has to offer because there are always positive things happening around campus. 

"It is an incredible honor to be a Castleton alum. The phrase 'small college with a big heart' is something that I will always remember," she said.