Music Department Facilities

Castleton University offers a variety of open rehearsal, performance, and learning spaces for our students.

Casella Theater (Main Stage)

Seating just under 500 patrons, it is the home of a vast array of productions, concerts, and special events each season. Our departments of Music and Theater Arts produce over 20 events in the theater each academic semester and enjoy a tremendous regional reputation for the quality of their work.

The facility has a full complement of technical features, including fly system, intelligent lighting, full concert sound capabilities, audiovisual and streaming functionality, and high-quality recording equipment. 


The Black Box Theater

The Black Box is a small side performing area for small ensembles, plays and rehearsals. The space is equipped with a lighting and sound control booth, access to the main stage, and multiple movable risers. Music students will use this space to collaborate with other arts disciplines to perform small plays and productions. 


Room 134 

Room 134 is a multi purpose large ensemble rehearsal space. This room is equipped with a top of the line sound system, grand piano, various percussion equipment, movable risers, and a wall sized projection system. The room is open to use for all students for rehearsals and small performance opportunities. 


Room 110 (Computer Lab)

Room 110 is a music technology classroom that is equipped with 12 electronic pianos that are equipped with a personal iMac computer, midi input and headphones. Each station has access to the Adobe Suite of software, Sibelius, Garage Band and Logic. This room is eqippied with a speaker system and mobile sound recording hardware.  


Room 120

Room 120 is our traditional education classroom. The space is equipped with a speaker system, grand piano, projector system and computer. This room is home to most of our music education and theory classes. 


Practice Rooms

Castleton offers six different practice rooms that are open year round for students to rehearse in. In addition to general practice space, Castleton also offers specialty space for percussionists, vocalists, and piano majors. Each room is unique and designed to be a welcoming space for collaboration and rehearsal. Private lessons and small chamber ensembles will meet in our practice rooms daily.