Simulation Centers

Students Use Simulation Lab

Castleton University Simulation Centers connect lessons you learn in the classroom with hands-on experience. Simulated experiences are an important part of helping you develop your skills, judgment, and decision-making process in a safe and controlled environment.

We have Simulation Centers at both our Castleton and Bennington campuses to supplement your learning through scheduled time for guided practice with faculty and unscheduled time for individual or group practice of procedures, skills, and nursing activities. You will experience many opportunities throughout the semester to embrace the role of being a nurse through simulated learning.

Simulation Center Features

The Simulation Centers offer adult simulators, pediatric simulators, a medication dispensing unit, an academic electronic health record, and much more.

You will use the simulators to learn skills such as how to insert a nasogastric tube and urinary catheter as well as performing vital signs, including taking a patient’s pulse, blood pressure, and counting respirations. Other skills you will learn in the Simulation Center include suctioning a tracheostomy, giving intravenous medications, and performing head-to-toe assessments, which include listening to lung, heart, and bowel sounds.

Your simulated learning experience will begin in the spring semester of your first year and progress through graduation. 

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