Gabrielle Tamasi

Philosophy, ‘12

After graduating from Castleton in 2012 with a degree in Philosophy, alumnus Gabrielle Tamasi is now set to graduate from Vermont Law School with a J.D. and Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution in May of 2015. Currently working as a legislative intern for KSE Partners in Montpelier, Tamasi believes Castleton helped provide her with the skills needed to move her career forward.

The New London, NH native’s decision to attend Vermont Law School was a direct result of her time spent at Castleton.

“Castleton was a small community that allowed me to experience a wide variety of people and ventures,” said Tamasi, adding that she chose to further her education at the Vermont Law School because she wanted to remain part of the Vermont community and atmosphere.

Due to the small class sizes and close-knit community at Castleton Tamasi was able to spend on-on-one time working with her professors on a regular basis, growing a strong relationship with her advisor, athletic department staff and many of her department professors. Still remaining in contact with several of them, she cherishes the bonds made during her college years.

“Castleton really is a small university with a big heart,” said Tamasi, explaining that after experiencing the loss a graduate school professor several members of the Castleton community reached out to her to offer support and condolences. “The staff at Castleton remain invested in the lives of their students and alum and that's special.”

Tamasi encourages all current students to enjoy the college lifestyle and all it offers, but still adhere to the duties and obligations of a student and take advantage of the many opportunities Castleton has to offer.

“Find something that excites you outside of the classroom,” Tamasi said. “Finding a hobby or activity you can be passionate about in college can lead you in your career path, or just give you something to keep you grounded outside of all your responsibilities.”