Peter Kazakis

Philosophy, '16

Although he stems from the fast paced urban lifestyle of Ontario, Canada, international student Peter Kazakis said he flourished within Castleton’s rural setting.

“Coming from the metropolitan city of Toronto I really appreciate the beauty of Vermont,” he said.

A double major in Philosophy and English with a concentration in writing, he attributes much of his academic and social success to the Castleton community. As an incoming student, Kazakis said he did not anticipate the support he would receive from all facets of the University.

“I expected to be in this alone, but I realized I have a team here at Castleton to help me succeed,” he said.

Passionate about philosophy and a firm believer in the teachings of Socrates, Kazakis’ academic experiences have broadened his horizons and helped to shape his future goals.

“Philosophy teaches you not necessarily what to think, but it teaches you how to think,” he said adding the value of his English major, “Even the most creative and meticulous thinker in the world will fall short in his or her goals if they are not able to effectively communicate their thoughts in speech and writing.”

Additionally, Kazakis developed close-knit relationships with his professors through class time, personal discussions, and employment opportunities. These experiences encouraged him to set his future goal to attend law school, where he plans to blend his areas of study.

“I have learned many life lessons and will take my experiences here at Castleton with me forward in life,” he said.