Physical Education

Castleton University’s physical education program has a long history of preparing educators who deliver quality physical education in our schools, and professionals who deliver health, recreation and fitness opportunities within our communities.

Throughout the program physical education majors gain quality off campus experiences. During the first year they begin working with students in local schools across a variety of age groups. Many students also pursue internships to coach or to work with special populations. In addition, students take advantage of professional development opportunities by attending state, regional, and national conferences, and participating each semester in a workshop series organized by faculty.

Students who wish to teach in schools apply for admittance into our rigorous teacher preparation program, which prepares candidates for teacher licensure and culminates with a semester-long student teaching experience. Employers are aware of the University’s enduring reputation and commitment to producing exceptional health and physical education teachers. Graduates of our program currently teach all over New England, New York and beyond.

Teaching children and adults how to achieve and maintain healthy and active lifestyles has never been more important. The Castleton University physical education program is committed to preparing high quality physical educators and professionals who will serve as future leaders in the field.