The Vermont Agency of Education

The Vermont Agency of Education's Licensing Office administers the rules and procedures established to evaluate the credentials of prospective educators and to ensure that they meet specified preparation requirements. Rules and procedures for this, as well as standards for pre-professional and teacher quality, are established by the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE).

The Vermont Agency of Education, the Department of Health, Human Movement & Sport faculty, and in particular, the Teacher Education Coordinator assist students in pursuing their initial teacher’s licensure. In Vermont this process is referred to as “Level I Licensure.”

The traditional teacher licensure route that most Castleton teacher candidates pursue requires the following;

  • Completion of a state approved educator preparation program at a college or university
  • Passing score on the Initial Teacher Licensure Portfolio
  • Core Praxis and Praxis II testing requirements
  • Recommendation for licensing from the institution at the time of graduation through the University’s “endorsement”
  • A law enforcement background check

Student teachers are advised review the Educator Quality Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions on Licenses.

Each license must have one or more endorsements. NOTE: This document is part of the Application Packet for Initial Vermont Educator License. An endorsement specifies the instructional level and the endorsement content area in which the license holder is authorized to perform educational services. Candidates who successfully meet the Castleton Department of Physical Education requirements for licensure are endorsed in either preK-12 physical education, preK-12 health education , or both, depending upon major and concentration completed.

Students who wish to apply for an initial or beginning teacher’s license in a state or providence beyond Vermont should research those requirements. Most states have a reciprocity agreement with Vermont. Reciprocity is a system whereby a recommendation for licensure from a state-approved education training program at an accredited college or university is recognized in another state. Students are advised to research the rules of reciprocity early in their academic career. For more information, visit the Educator Quality Interstate Agreement frequently asked questions page.

Local and Regional Standards Boards(L/RSBs) assist educators through the process of renewing their license. They recommend educators for license renewal once the educator has successfully completed all requirements.

In addition, the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators has adopted the Core Teaching and Leadership Standards for Vermont Educators. Together these standards form a blueprint for the performances and essential knowledge that every educator should strive towards to ensure that all preK-12 students are college and career ready. This document includes the Code of Professional Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.