Outside the Classroom

Civic education and civic engagement are central themes in political science. Our major professional organization, the American Political Science Association, has a special committee on Civic Education and Engagement that, “focuses on the contributions that higher education, and political sciences in higher education institutions, are making or could make to enhancing the quantity and quality of civic engagement among young Americans” (quoted from the website, accessed on March 14, 2014).

The political science faculty at Castleton also focuses on civic engagement, with the intention of developing the skills for active citizenship in our lower division courses and skills for the engaged study of civic and political life in our upper-level courses. We prepare our students to engage confidently in civic life from their time in college and throughout their lives.

Political science students at Castleton also have the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience at the Castleton Polling Institute, where workers help to conduct the polls and in the process learn a great deal about how public opinion is measured and analyzed.