Courtney Picone

Psychology, '16

Vermont’s rural setting brought senior Courtney Picone from the “Vacationland” state of Maine to study at Psychology at Castleton University.

“Vermont has helped me to have a greater appreciation for human kindness and caring, as well as an appreciation for rural living,” said Picone. “People from this state are very proud of the things that they make, and they are extremely crafty, and I have a huge amount of respect for that.”

Picone chose to follow this spirit of kindness and caring when choosing her degree path. Providing a service to people of all kinds and to help in mental health development has been her goal through her studies. She hopes to continue her education after graduation by obtaining her master’s degree and eventually a PhD.

“Castleton has helped me to realize that anything is possible as long as you are willing to work hard. Your dreams are possible, you just have to make a plan and move accordingly to make it happen,” she said.

With a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, Picone threw herself into the college community as much as possible across campus. Volunteering for Safe Ride in addition to her involvement in the Psychology and Community Relations clubs kept her busy while also helping run the PAC hot-line.

After studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary, Picone was able to attain one of her greatest goals of living in Europe.

“It helped me to grow on not just a personal level, but on a global understanding of the world as well,” explained Picone. “Study abroad challenged me in almost every way, and I feel like a stronger and better person because of this program.”