Matthieu Fortier

Psychology, '16

Mattieu FortierFrom his hometown of Londonderry, Vermont, Psychology major Matthieu Fortier was excited for the chance to study in his home state.

“Being from Vermont I was grateful to learn in an environment that was so clean and familiar,” he said.

With a minor in Statistics, Fortier chose Castleton for it’s reputation as an institution of quality higher education and its ability to offer interesting and challenging courses in his desired fields of study.

“I chose to be a Psychology student because it is a science for helping people, which provided me with both an appropriate understanding of empirical science and the tools to develop my own agency,” explained Fortier.

After graduation, Fortier hopes to pursue a career as a psychology professor after attending graduate school and obtaining a doctorate degree, both personal goals he set for himself after opportunities provided by Castleton. Through independent research projects alongside professors, Fortier received a comprehensive understanding of the research process and experiences he can apply to real world situations.

“I will most likely hold on to memories of interactions I held with faculty and students outside of the classroom,” said Fortier. “This is because I found that there was much to learn through conversation that might not have been available via textbooks or quizzes.”