Castleton Lodge at Killington

As a student in the Hospitality and Resort Management program, you will live and play in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains at the newly renovated Castleton Lodge at Killington – your living-learning laboratory.

The Castleton Lodge at Killington is located on the Killington Access Road Killington and is nestled among a variety of businesses – a pizza shop, a coffeehouse, hotels and more. Home of the former Butternut Inn, the Castleton Lodge at Killington serves as our Hospitality and Resort Management program campus.

In addition to the full-service residence, you will have access to a conference space, computer lab, dining room and food service, laundry facilities, recreation areas, and a fireplace lounge. The lodge is overseen by a live-in general manager, as well as student managers that serve as resident advisers.

Additionally, the Highridge Conference Center, located just five minutes from the Castleton Lodge, will host faculty workspace and a number of classrooms.

A Full Hospitality and Resort Management Experience

Being fully immersed in a hospitality and resort management environment gives you a front-row seat to the resort life and every opportunity to learn the business.

Our unique model and partnership with Killington Resort offers every advantage as you pursue a career in hospitality and resort management, wherever your career takes you. You will learn classroom fundamentals and see how those lessons apply in real time. Your everyday experience will be seeing traffic patterns on slow and busy weekends and how changes in the weather and the resort affect the business overall.

The Perks of Lodge Living

When you live at Castleton Lodge at Killington, you get to live the outdoors life. As a resort employee, you will receive all of the perks, which includes a free ski pass. You can hit the slopes in your downtime and enjoy all of the beauty that Killington, VT, has to offer throughout the year: Mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, and much more.

Students can expect to spend 45-50 days enjoying the mountain, with some able to join the 100 Day Club!