Internship & Career Opportunities

Most of Castleton’s social studies majors plan to teach at the middle school or high school level. The program’s multidisciplinary requirements do an especially good job of preparing graduates to pass teaching licensure exams in any state in the country.

A social studies degree also offers a variety of opportunities for those who choose not to teach. Social studies majors gain important understandings of world cultures, social dynamics, economic processes, and political institutions. Through their courses, social studies majors learn to think analytically, write clearly, and research effectively. These are skills that are highly valued by employers. 

Social studies majors who do not wish to teach might seek employment in one of the following fields:

Government and the Public Sector 

Federal and state governments are eager to hire social studies majors in a variety of capacities:

  • Places of employment: government agencies, intelligence organizations, the military, the staffs of public officials and political parties, public interest groups, think tanks, legislatures, law firms, advocacy groups, arts and humanities councils
  • Types of jobs: researcher, grant reviewer, policy advisor, legislative staffer, lobbyist, campaign worker, foreign service officer, intelligence analyst


Majoring in social studies provides excellent preparation for law school.

Business and the Private Sector

Both small businesses and large corporations are very keen to hire graduates with strong reading, writing, and research skills.

Current Internship

Vermont Country StoreDifferent Internships Available


We are a 69 year-old, family-owned business looking for exceptional students to complement their education with hands-on experience to a broad range of occupations. The Vermont Country Store’s 10-week internship program is designed for interns to learn on the job and take those meaningful skills to future employment. On-the-job training is coupled with learning how we service and take part in our community, an extraordinary quality that many companies value. Internships available in creative services, finance, marketing and E commerce, community and philanthropy, human resources, product development and supply and operations and retail.

To Apply

To Apply

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